What’s in Your Nappy Bag? By Midwife Ebony

Once your baby is born, your ventures to the shopping mall, super market or any outing will be a whole new experience. No matter how many times you double check you have it all, I’m sure there is going to be at least once you get caught out. So, the question is, what do you need when going out with a baby?

A good size nappy bag, which can fit all your baby needs but still be compact enough for you to carry around.  You don’t necessarily need to buy a ‘Nappy/diaper bag’ any general bag/handbag that will hold what you need will do. With a 3month old breastfeeding baby, I don’t go out of my house without;

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Ebony’s Nappy Bag

4-6 Nappies (depending how long I’m going out for)

Nappy Bags/sacks (to put soiled nappies in)


Disposable Change Mat

Vomit Cloth


Spare Singlet, Socks, Bib, Pants, Top and Hat

Dummy (if your baby uses one)

Hand Sanitiser

Extras you may need, depending on your child:

Nappy Rash Cream



Thermometer and Baby Panadol

I also like to fit in my own wallet, phone and car keys, to save me having to carry around 2 bags.

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Pram Hook for Shopping Bags

If you are going out using your pram then likely there is somewhere you can sit your bag, but if not, then I recommend getting a pram hook, if not for your nappy bag, then for the shopping bags 🙂

As your baby gets older you will need more and more space, as they will need food, drink, and plenty of spare clothes.

Please comment and share any tips on what’s in your nappy bag on our blog page on the website.

Ebony x

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