What Items Do I Need For A Baby? ……. By Midwife Ebony

When you fall pregnant it is the most exciting time in your life however it can also be the most expensive time in your life. I have put together a checklist of baby items that you will need for when the baby is born in the hope that you only get the items that you immediately need to help save money in the beginning stages. This checklist is also a great idea for baby showers. Let your loved ones pick something off the nursery checklist to buy for your baby shower gift. That way you get exactly what you need for the baby.

Nursery Check List

Cot – Make sure it meets Australian Standards

photo.PNG-6Cot Mattress – Make sure it meets Australian Standards

Cot Sheets – Flannel or Cotton

Cot Blanket

Cot Mattress Protector

Change Table – with at least two shelves to put things on

Change Table Mat

Change Table Mat Cover

Vomit Clothes



Nappies – 4 boxes of newborn disposable nappies to start with

Wipes – Large box, refills, and a travel pack



Baby Bath

Baby bath wash, shampoo, powder etc

Nappy Bag – a large one with plenty of room. Refer to the blog ‘What’s in your nappy bag

Pram – you may want to consider one with an infant attachment if having children close in age

photo.PNG-7Baby Wear – sling or pouch. Refer to blog “Baby Wearing” by Midwife Alinta

Nappy Rash Cream

Breast Pads – for leaking breasts while breastfeeding

Nipple Cream

Maternity Pads– 2 or 3 packs for the first 6 weeks after birth

High Chair – for later down the track (5-6 months)

Food Containers – for when they start solids

Play Mat – for stimulation and play time

Dummies – not recommended until breastfeeding is established i.e 4-6weeks of age

Bottles – if formulat feeding or giving baby expressed breast milk by the bottle

Breast Pump – maual, automatic or hire – to express for comfort when your milk comes in around day 3-5. To express and store for when you go back to work or need a baby sitter

Baby Monitor

Nappy Bucket – to put dirty nappies in to prevent normal rubbish bin in the kitchen from smelling

Car Seat – fitted correctly

Bibs – in case your baby is a dribbler. Also needed once solids are started

Feeding/Rocking Chair – not a necessity, depends where you choose to breastfeed your baby


Hope this helps.


(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).