An update on my pregnancy – 37 weeks (The countdown) by Midwife Alinta

I have to be honest… I thought I would enjoy being pregnant more than I do.

Being a midwife made me crave the experience of pregnancy and birth. I really thought that being pregnant would be like it is portrayed by the celebrities and media. I thought I would ‘glow’ and ‘bloom’ through my pregnancy. I was wrong.

Apart from the first half of my pregnancy, which you can read about in my other blog on being pregnant, the second half has really been very uneventful. I have to be very thankful that I don’t really have much to report on. It’s all been quite normal.
My low lying placenta moved up, my nausea and vomiting stopped, and my baby is moving as it should be and growing according to the normal limits. But still, I find it hard to enjoy the feeling of pregnancy.


(Warning – I’m about to complain)
Swollen legs and feet – Oh my goodness! How annoying! I know they don’t physically affect the pregnancy but they can be a real pain in the butt. At the 10 hour mark at work (I used to do 12.5 hr shifts) my right ankle in particular would look like I had a case of elephantitis. They become quite sore when they swell and one particular day it seriously felt like I had broken my foot in my heal somewhere. I couldn’t put any weight on it at all. Then came the sciatic pain every time my feet and ankles swelled. I did use compression stockings when I remembered and they did help a lot. Trust me, they are worth getting a pair, especially in the later stages of your pregnancy and if you’re on your feet a lot. I am currently seeing an osteopath to help treat the swelling in my legs and it’s doing wonders!
Not being able to sleep – Since about 8weeks into the pregnancy I have suffered from what I imagine is pregnancy induced insomnia. I can honestly say I am now fairly well prepared for the lack of sleep having a baby will bring. At this stage of the pregnancy it’s normal to find sleeping hard. After all, to roll over you practically need to complete a 10 point turn. Having the insomnia on top of that is just frustrating. Then adding in the multiple times to get up to pee and extreme thirst that seems to happen at the most annoying times. I feel I can honestly say I have well and truly said goodbye to a good nights sleep.

10484384_10152201903238596_1277265851_nHeartburn – Gah! So annoying. I have seriously added Rennie to my staple diet the last couple of weeks. If the old wives tale of heartburn = a hairy baby then I think i’m growing a little monkey (I’m pretty excited if I am though, I LOVE the hairy ones).

Breathlessness – Well I have to say I never thought just talking to someone could cause me to lose my breath and sound like I have just run 10kms. Forget talking while walking up stairs. I’m out for the count after that!

Hunger– Please tell me this is something everyone seems to go through at the end of their pregnancy. Up until now my appetite has been normal, interesting at times, but normal. These last 2-3 weeks I can’t seem to get enough food to satisfy my body for longer than 3 hrs. I eat a good size dinner and still wake up at midnight starving. I usually try hold off until at least 3am but the feeling is not great! I now have a packet of plain crackers next to my bed to tame my tummy in the night/early morning.

Varicose veins – and I don’t mean on my legs. Wow! What an awful experience this is. When I had my waxing the other day, I warned my beautician that it might not be a ‘pretty sight’. She reassured me (as I do with all the women I see who warn me about their areas) that she has seen it all before. I have a feeling she mightn’t have seen this though.

I’m so sure of the fact that as the pregnancy continues so will my symptoms. Fortunately though everything I am experiencing is completely normal at this point in the pregnancy. I may not like it and have a sook about it to my very patient husband but I do keep telling myself that I need to be happy that everything is OK and the most important thing, the baby, is perfect!
I know I will miss the feeling of it wriggling around inside and hiccupping, however I can’t wait to see it on the outside! I am starting to understand the impatience some women get when they get to the end of their pregnancy and ask for an induction. I think it would take some serious issues for me to actually ask for an induction though. My experience as a midwife has shown me the risks and pain an induction can cause and when it’s not needed as a medical reason then I’m happy to stay well away and keep complaining about my swollen feet, lack of sleep and heartburn!
I figure the next update on my pregnancy you get, will either be my birth story or my 2 weeks postdates head explosion.


(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).