Top 12 Reasons Why Breastfeeding is Good For Your Baby …… By Midwife Zoe

We all know how important breast milk is for newborn babies, but do you know why?

These top 12 reasons will summarise it for you:

• Breast milk provides all the nutrients a baby needs in exactly the right proportion. As the baby grows, the breast milk adapts to suit the infants changing needs.

• Breast milk needs no preparation; it is always sterile, in the right amount and at the right temperature. It is portable and conveniently packaged.

• Breastfed babies need no extra water in hot weather – breast milk supplies all their needs.

• Babies need cuddling, comfort and security that breastfeeding provides – every feed comes wrapped up with a hug.

• Breast milk is easier to digest then infant formulas.

• Asthma, eczema, hay fever and food allergies are less common and less severe in breastfed babies. This is of special benefit to babies with family history of allergies.

• Breast milk contains antibodies, which protect babies from illness. These include gastrointestinal infections, diarrhoea, respiratory and ear infections, pneumonia and meningitis. In event of illness the baby’s recovery tends to be quicker.

• The incidence of heart disease, obesity and high blood pressure in adults is reduced if they were breastfed infants.

• Babies who are breastfed 6 months or more have been found to be 6 times less likely to develop lymphomas, a type of childhood cancer.

• The composition of breast milk contains all the essential elements in the right proportions necessary for the complete development of the baby’s brain and nervous system.

• A study undertaken in 1992 showed that premature babies who received breast milk scored significantly higher on IQ tests at aged 7 months and 8 years, then children who received formula.

• Vision has been shown to be more accurate in babies who were breastfed when tested at 3 years of age.



(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).