The Best iPhone and iPad Apps for Pregnant Women and New Mums by Midwife Zoe

handset-iphone4Are you a mum? Did you know there is an App for that…….seriously several Apps for that. Apps for the iPhone and iPad are being added to the iTunes store daily. We see women come into the labour room with the “Contraction” App or the “Breastfeeding” App. The partner can tell you down to the exact second how long the last contraction was and when exactly it happened. Now as Midwives, “Yes” we like to know how often you are contracting as a guide to know how established in labour you are, but we don’t need to know in that much detail. Joys of the technological world hey!!!


To help you all out on knowing what the best iPhone/iPad app’s on iTunes are, I’ve spent quite a few hours and a lot of cups of tea doing the research for you. Wowza’s there are millions of apps for pregnant mums and new mum’s out there. Obviously I have not managed to try every single one, but I compared the apps to other apps like it and made my selections based on user reviews. At the end of the day, we all have our preferences so try them out and see what you like best. Many of the apps are free and many have “lite” (free) versions. They are all found on iTunes and I hope this little blog post makes your life easier. But just remember, some things don’t need an app……..and being a GREAT mum is one of them. Just enjoy your pregnancy or baby and have time out from the iPhone/iPad. That’s what counts in the long run – mummy and baby time!


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Best Apps for Pregnant Ladies

  • 50,000 Baby Names – as soon as you find out your pregnant you will be thinking about “What will we call it?” This free app will help figure it all out whist sitting at the coffee shop or standing in the line at the grocery store.
  • What to Expect – Pregnancy – Just like the book. Very handy on daily/weekly updates.
  • Maybe Baby and Maybe Baby Lite – fertility, period and ovulation tracker. If you want to try it free try the lite version and then if you like it purchase the full version.
  • BabyBump Pregnancy Free – answers to all those pregnancy questions that you have. Has great reviews from other mums.
  • Contraction Timer Plus by iBirth – everyone seems to have this in early labour. Easy to use and great reviews.
  • Being Dad – Licence to Breed – Funny app for the guys. There is a book that goes with this app if you feel your man needs some guidance.

Best Apps for New &/or Breastfeeding Mums

  • iBaby Feed Timer keep track of baby’s breastfeeding, includes timer.
  • My Baby & Me by Phillips Avent – helps you keep track of your baby’s development and share your baby’s special moments with loved ones.
  • Breastfeeding Friend – keep track of baby’s breastfeeding, includes timer.
  • What to Expect – Baby – just like the book. Daily updates and trackers.
  • The Baby Diaries – simple baby routine and milestone app that keeps track of your baby’s sleep, feed, change times and milestone achievements.
  • Baby Buzz – brought to you by TheBump.com, this app gives you expert tips and real-mum advice on everything baby.


    Baby Oscar

  • Baby Care Video Guide for New Parents – a 24hr video how-to resource for new parents covering everything from feeding, sleeping, crying, doctor visits and more.
  • BabyPhone Deluxe (Baby Monitor) – use your iPhone as a baby monitor – Your phone records baby’s noises and calls you on a secondary number if baby makes a noise that exceeds a designated level. Clever App!
  • Pump@Work – helps keep track of when you last expressed and storing information.
  • Baby Massage Basics – information and the how-to of baby massage.

I’m going to stop here. There is a whole other blog post on “What are the Best Apps for Baby’s” which I’ll cover in the next few weeks. I hope this post helps some of you mums-to-be and new mum’s; for others it gives you an idea of how Apple has become one of the most profitable company’s out there…….there is literally an App for EVERYTHING!




(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).