Roller Coaster of Emotions ……. by Midwife Ebony

Happy, proud, tired, sad, frustrated, angry, guilty, selfish, stupid, happy.

For most women the transition into motherhood comes with a lot of ups and downs.

So don’t worry if you’re not always feeling warm and fuzzy with love like you thought you would or should be. Being a new mum can feel like riding a roller coaster of emotions. Having a mixture of raging hormones, dealing with very little sleep, adjusting to your changing body, and dealing with general everyday business, all while caring for your newborn.

Some emotional situations you may experience can look like this –

Feeling “Happy” because of what you have made, a beautiful family and baby; “Proud” when your baby learns something new; “Sad” if your baby cries; “Tired” due to lack of sleep; “Frustrated” because your baby is crying but you need to prepare dinner; “Angry” because your partner isn’t always there to help or just to pick the baby up; “Guilty” for feeling angry at your partner as they are the ones at work for you and your family; “Selfish” for feeling all these emotions and wanting someone to acknowledge this rollercoaster.

UntitledAll this within a matter of seconds or minutes!!

Finally feeling “Silly” for expressing all these emotions because now you have calmed down and it all seems just dramatic!!

Parenthood can be overwhelming and I don’t think there would be many mothers who think they have enough time, help, money, or emotional support. Leaving mums feeling angry, resentful, depressed. But this again, is normal, and things get better, way better.

I can’t say this blog has any answers but I think it’s nice to hear that there are other people out there feeling like this and that it’s normal and ok.

If as parents we are successful at identifying the challenges of parenthood and learn how to overcome them, the quality of life for everyone can be increased, leading to happier, healthier families.

You may find the below websites helpful if you are feeling any of the above emotions.





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