Midwife Ebony’s Birth Story of Beautiful Ethan

It has been just over 4 weeks since I went through the hardest, most challenging but rewarding thing I have ever done. Giving birth to my first born, little Ethan. I wrote Ethan’s birth story when he was 2 weeks old and now would love to share it with you all.

2013 has been a big year for me, planning a wedding, getting married, starting a new business, while working full time in a busy maternity unit. So I guess it shouldn’t have been a surprise when my waters broke at only 37 weeks.

Through out my pregnancy people asked me if I felt different and how I thought I was going to go in labour. I did not feel any different, everything just felt normal; as it should be. Honestly, I never thought about myself in labour, I assumed I would deal with it when it happens. Even when my waters brok, I still did one thing at a time; like packing my bags (no I was not ready!! I had just put the baby car seat in on the Monday). I Still didnt’s think about the fact I was about to go into labour and give birth.

My labour and birth

On Monday night I went to bed having irregular little tightenings with cramps, thinking it was just my Braxton’s hicks and being my first baby is likely to go away. So I didn’t think anything of it. Then at 1am while lying in bed, a felt a large warm flush of water run down my legs and all around me, I knew my waters had broke. I woke Sean and told him. He didn’t say anything, just got up and got dressed. Because I had just started maternity leave and thought I still have about 3 weeks to go, I hadn’t packed my bags yet, so I started doing that. I wasn’t having painful contractions at this stage but they were building, so I called the hospital and let them know. About an hour after my waters broke; my labour started, this was around 2am. The pain dropped me to the floor beside the cot in our nursery. But then I just got back up, and in between contractions I kept walking around. I then got into our shower, and the hot water was a life saver. My labour had become intense by now; I wasn’t really myself in between contractions anymore. I stayed in the shower until our hot water ran out, it was then I decided to go into hospital to use their bath.


Midwife Alinta and Myself in the Bath.

As soon as I got into the bath, I felt so relaxed, my support team say I looked like I was in control again and very focus (even though I didn’t really feel that way haha).

Being a midwife I the knew I was in established labour and the next stage in labour is transition, which is known to be the worst part in labour, between 8-10cm dilated, going from a labouring woman to someone about to push. I was very scared at this point because I thought in my head, if the transition stage is worse then this, there is no way I’ll be able to do it! So I asked to see how dilated I was, and thankfully I was already 9cm. I continued in the bath and could feel my hips opening up; it was a strange, intense feeling. I moved around swaying back and forth in the bath splashing water everywhere, which each contraction. Until I felt the pain drop a lot lower and felt the pressure in my bottom. Again I got scared because I knew it was time to push, I said to the girls, I think I’m fully dilated but scared to push, so asked them to check me again to confirm I was ready. My midwife did and, yes I was fully dilated! I was encouraged to go with my body and how it feels. So I started pushing. A lot of women find this part better, but for me it was a mental game, I had to learn to push past the pain, once a figured this out, it became easier. My contractions were quite far apart so I was getting a good rest in between and then when a contraction would come I did around 2 BIG pushes with each and could feel everything, I could feel when the babies head started to show through my vagina and then slip back up when the contraction went. Most women don’t like when the babies head slips back inside between contractions as they feel like they are going nowhere, but being a midwife I knew how quickly it would come back out and eventually stay there, this is the way it stretches things up. So I loved when the head slipped back up as the pain went away. Having a big break between contractions was good, because all I wanted to do was go to sleep, but then when the head started to stay out, crown and stretch my perineum, having such a big break wasn’t so good, because I had to let the head half sit out as it wouldn’t move without a contraction, so I had to wait. Ouch. I remember during my pushing stage I asked for someone to just pull it out, a common question asked during this stage I find.


My Beautiful Ethan

Once I was crowning I listened to my midwife who told me when to stop pushing and breathe my babies head out. I did this, I feel by this stage, everything was either numb or I have mentally blocked it out, because I don’t remember this bit being that bad, I think because I knew it was all about to be over so I was looking forward to it. I was still in the bath, the babies head was born and I felt a got to relax, one more push and the body would come. My support team were amazed by this point, watching the head being born and seeing it under the water. Then with my next push baby Ethan was born. I didn’t realise how hard you have to push to get the body out, I thought it would slip out easy, but no, I still had to give a big effort for it. My husband then bought Ethan up to me, but it took me a few seconds to hold him, I think I was in shock from what I just did. I looked up at Sean with tears running down his face and took our baby boy in my arms. He looked so small. I thought I was going to have a little fatty, but no, Ethan seemed tiny.

I then became a blubbering mess myself, so many emotions running through me at once. I kept Ethan skin to skin with me in the bath until I birthed my placenta. Sean then cut his umbilical cord and had a cuddle with Ethan while I got up out of the bath, had a quick shower to clean myself up then relaxed in bed with Ethan who breast feed straight away to my good fortune.

Ethan was born at 6:50am on the Tuesday morning the 28th May. He weighed 3.1kg, 6lb 14oz. We went home that morning after 4 hours and have been doing great. He continues to feed very well, and seems to be doing all the right, normal things.

I know how lucky I was to have such a quick, uncomplicated labour, in total 4.5hours. Although being quick, I believe it was very intense. For me, being a midwife was both a benefit and a burden, benefit because I knew things were going fast and everything was ok, but a burden because I knew what was to come after each stage and was scared of it.


Sean, Ebony and Ethan

Looking back, I am so happy and grateful for the way my amazing labour went and for everything everyone did for me.

A special thanks to my friend and midwife Alinta, and my second midwife Pammy. I know I probably went crazy at times, so thank you for staying by my side and supporting me. Thank you also to my family, my mum, and sisters Candis and Bobbie, who got to be apart of it all, and see their first birth, thank you also for your video and photography work. And the biggest thank you of all, to my Husband for being there from day one, when I threw the pregnancy test at him right up until the moment he held Ethan in his arms to bring him to my chest. You have gone through it all with me, the highs and the lows and I know we have so much more to get through together. I will thank you again now for the past, present and the future. THANK YOU.


Sean, Ebony and Ethan – Perfect Little Family


Post by BornOnline Midwife Ebony written for our BornOnline Fans and for my Beautiful Ethan.