Happy 1st Birthday Ethan

Today is my sons first birthday, HAPPY BIRTHDAY little buddy.

This time last year I was in second stage just seeing the top of his little head. It was one of the best days in my life. People always say, it goes quick, but i never believed them until recently. So much has happened in one year, kids seem to do so much more then us in just a year. They roll over, sit up, crawl, stand, learn new words, some even walk. With many more exciting times ahead i’m sure.


Today like every other day, Ethan will be smothered with love and kisses. Starting with some yummy pancakes for breakfast with mummy. He even got me up early to play with him, he must know he can get away with almost anything today.

This is only a short blog to wish my boy a big Happy 1st Birthday (even though he cant read) and to wish all those other babies born 28/5/13 a Happy 1st Birthday too. It is such a joyful day, but has a hint of sadness as you realise how quickly they do grow up.

Mummy loves you buddy.



Midwife Ebony