Ebony’s First Pregnancy

Sean and I first found out that I was pregnant when I slyly went into the bathroom to wee on a pregnancy test (without telling him first). I then came out looking like a ghost and couldn’t speak so threw the stick at him. To my delight, he was the one with the glowing smile of happiness, while I stood there hyperventilating. I then became excited but at the same time didn’t want to get my hopes up. I wanted to go and buy more pregnancy tests, but instead went and had a blood test the next day. Even after the results of the blood test I didn’t believe it. It wasn’t until after our first scan that it started to become real.


Baby Young

Even though I am a midwife, there are things I didn’t expect, or things nobody seems to talk about. I guess, as a midwife working in the birthing suites, I only see pregnant women who are further into their pregnancy or are about to give birth, so I didn’t really have the chance to discuss their pregnancy in full detail.

That first 3 months!!!!!! Wow, I cant believe how tired pregnancy can make you. Before I knew I was pregnant I actually went to my manager at work and said I think I am doing too many night duties as I am constantly tired and feel unwell. Little to my knowledge then, it was actually because of the changes my body was going through due to pregnancy. I could have had nana naps every day, but I didn’t want to because I thought I was being a sook. I wasn’t aware this was a common thing at the beginning of pregnancy. People always talk about morning sickness, but this tiredness was nearly just as bad, probably because I was fortunate enough not to be a vomiter. Although I would wake up every day for the first 14 weeks feeing horrible, and the only way I can describe how I felt is by saying that, I felt hung-over.

After around 14 weeks, things became smoother for me, I started showing a little belly quite early to my surprise, not enough to say I looked pregnant but, just enough for that awkward stage of, ooooo has she put on weight or is she expecting.

I didn’t start feeling my baby really move until around 23-24 weeks. At first they were light movements then one night going to sleep the baby became very active and I was sure it was baby movements and not wind. My baby has been a night time mover ever since and loves sugar. Every time I have a lolly or some sort of naughty food, my baby goes crazy. I first noticed this at the movies one night while having popcorn and a raspberry slushy. As you can tell I was very strict with my diet…not. I wanted to be!!! I wanted to give my baby the best start by feeding it all the right nutrients, but I just didn’t have the will power or taste for it. I looked up recipes on good foods during pregnancy and when and what I should be eating. I even printed them off, but that’s as far as it got for me unfortunately. I eat generally healthy as it is, so I knew my baby would be getting all the good nutrients that I ate, and I avoided all the foods you should avoid in pregnancy.

In regards to cravings. I have cravings when I’m not pregnant so I can’t really say I craved any certain foods in particular, although I did go through a “Promite” stage then a “milo” stage, but overall, nothing strange.


Our wedding morning
28 weeks
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I am now 34 weeks pregnant. I’m becoming tired and finding it difficult to put my shoes on. I’m not sleeping very well mostly due to my baby being a night time mover and the amount of times I need to wee at night. Also by not being able to lie on my belly or back, I get a dead arm from lying on my side. I have to wake up completely to attempt a graceful roll from one side to the other. This is preparing me for night time duties of motherhood I guess.

I also feel like a bottomless pit, I want to eat all the time, nothing seems to fill me up.

I feel like the baby is up under my ribs and kicking my diaphragm, but I love feeling it move so this doesn’t bother me.

I am counting down the shifts at work, just fewer than 2 weeks to go, woohoo! I will be 37 weeks when I finish work.  I haven’t yet completed my nursery but it is coming along, and we are getting very excited now for the new arrival.

I look forward to keeping all our BornOnline subscribers up-to-date on my pregnancy. I am sure there are a lot of other women out there going through the same feelings and experiences as me.