Change Fitness and Motherhood, by Stephanie Barlow

Love and nurture are associated as key abilities of motherhood. Loving and nurturing our babies and children underpins their well-being, their attachment and their futures. But what is often overlooked is our capacity to effectively manage all the changes linked to being a mother. Think about it. When we first become mums everything changes: our relationships, our focus, our routines, our finances and our sleep patterns to name a few. As babies grow their sleep and feed patterns change as does their activities and what they can do. They crawl, walk, go to pre-school, school, develop a group of friends, have relationships themselves, drive cars/bikes and leave home. That’s a lot of change we as mothers need to handle successfully. Phewww makes me tired just thinking about it.


Being good at change, acting in ways to facilitate both your child’s change as well as your own doesn’t just happen. We exercise, eat nutritional foods, investigate and read articles and books related to physical and mental fitness. It’s the same with change. To be able to adapt and change in effective, positive ways we need to have change fitness. We need to understand the abilities we require to navigate life’s changes successfully.


Research has found 7 major capacities we need for change fitness: trust, motivation, vision, beliefs, insight, agency and balance. These abilities can be developed and maintained through training just like our physical fitness.  You have to want to change, understand change and be prepared to work out to be the best you can be. For more information visit The change gym website, this provides online training and workout sessions to equip you for the changes ahead.


In my next blog we will look at trust; how this relates to change and how as a mum we need to develop and maintain trust in conjunction with the other capacities.


By Stephanie Barlow


(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).