The Best iPhone and iPad Apps for New Mums by Midwife Zoe

Being a new parent is such an exciting time, but also an extremely busy one. If you need advice or organisational tools, Smartphone Apps can save you time, provide solutions and let you focus on what’s really important,  your baby.

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Having information literally in the palm of your hand can help a new mum feel connected and, for those middle of the night feedings, can even serve as a flashlight so you don’t have to turn on lights and risk waking the baby.

To help you all out on knowing what the best iPhone/iPad Apps on iTunes is, I’ve spent quite a few hours and a lot of cups of tea doing research. OMG there really is an App for everything, obviously I have not managed to try every single one, but I compared the apps to other apps like it and made my selections based on user reviews. As we all know, at the end of the day, we all have our preferences, so try them out and see what you like best. Many of the Apps are free and many have (free) versions. They are all found on iTunes and I hope this little blog post makes your life easier.

Of course, you don’t want to spend all your time on your phone while you have a baby to take care of, but these Apps aren’t time wasters. A number of baby Apps let you enter feeding times, nappy changes and then share that information with others. This helps keep both parents and caregivers on top of what the baby needs, and can also help new parents to establish a schedule for their infant.

As I said in my first blog, some things don’t need an App and being a GREAT mum is one of them. Enjoying your newborn baby and having bonding time with mummy and daddy is a lot more important, but for the rest of the time, these apps may help!

Best New Apps for New Mums

White Noise Baby

Sure, you might be able to fall asleep in 10 seconds flat, but your baby sometimes has a harder time. For when your infant can’t sleep, this app has a number of soothing sounds on loop to relax your baby and lull them into the land of nod. Sounds such as taking a car ride, classical music, conch shell, and even doppler ultrasound of the womb. This app costs .99 cents in the App Store.

(TIP: we often use this app on night shifts at our busy maternity unit when a newborn can’t get off to sleep. It works amazingly, highly recommend this App).

WebMD Baby

This free app for iOS and Android is an excellent resource for baby health information. The app contains about 400 articles, 70 videos and 600 tips from paediatricians. Parents can search for health information based on their baby’s age. There is also a “baby book” section within the app where parents can keep track of their baby’s sleeping and feeding schedules, monitor their growth and keep a list of firsts with photos.

The Baby Diaries

Simple, easy to use baby routine and milestone tracker that keeps track of your baby’s sleep, feed, change times and milestone achievements. Its new feature of being able to sync between devices allows for secure data transfer. So you can sync to your babysitter, nanny, carer, and partner etc to ensure precious moments are stored even when you are not there. This app is an All-in-One app. A must-have. There is a Free Version and a Plus version, which is only $2.49

CareZone Mobile

This free app stores your baby’s emergency contact information and can also send out a voicemail to up to 100 people in seconds. What a time saver!

High Contrast Patterns and Shapes

This app, for iPad and iPhone, displays colours and shapes designed to stimulate the minds of babies and children. The black-and-white patterns hold baby’s interest longer since newborns can’t focus their eyes yet. One mother said in the reviews that her baby enjoys watching it for up to five minutes, giving her enough time to brush her teeth. The app costs $1.99 in the App Store.

(TIP: Our premature babies in the special care nursery often have similar images put in their cot to help stimulate their minds. Lots of research supports this idea).

Best Baby Monitor

If you have an extra iOS device lying around, you can create an instant-baby monitor using this app. With one device in the nursery and one as the parent unit, Best Baby Monitor provides real-time video and audio of your baby using the same Wi-Fi network. You can even record those cute gurgles and coos and talk to your baby through the phone to shhh her back to a sound slumber.

Price: $3.99 for iOS

Joya Video

With a baby in the house, nearly every moment seems worth recording. But that two-minute-long video of your baby adorably trying to roll over is too long to send — or is it? With Joya, there is no video clip too large to send to family, friends, relatives and anyone else who would be interested. The app sends the video via email or text, and recipients can view the clip with a private link. Now, everyone can marvel at how your baby rolls. Price: Free.

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(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).