Change Fitness and Trust by Stephanie Barlow

In a previous Change fitness blog we discussed how important change fitness and being able to effectively and successfully manage change is to being a parent. Now we are going to look at the capacities you need to develop change fitness and to succeed with change. The first one to explore is trust.

Trust: it’s a word with many meanings and connotations. It is also crucial for the successful navigation of personal change. Ever noticed how people you know who are a little or a lot suspicious of things don’t handle change well? Think about it. As a mum we often rely on advice from other’s regarding our babies/children. We ask Mum/Dad, our sisters/brothers, our GP, work mates questions related to handling potential issues like teething, sleep times, toilet training etc. All issues related to change in our children and our routines/lives. But who do you trust and even more important who don’t you trust? How is this related to change? An extreme example is someone who does not trust professionals such as GP’s or early childhood specialists. They perhaps listen to those people in their lives who from an outsider’s perspective are not the people to trust for good advice. I am not saying that professionals are always correct and our family & friends aren’t. However as a general rule if the GP states a specific course of action to resolve a particular issue and your sister in law who has had issues with Family & Community Services due to difficulties coping with her child advises the opposite course of action which advice do you think will generally lead to a better outcome and a positive change? As outsiders it is often easy to point the finger and shake our heads at some pretty awful decisions related to trust however for those inside the situations they have often trusted the wrong people, listened to the wrong advice. It happens. We sadly see examples of this in the news.

Change fitness requires understanding and developing the right trust. So to engage in positive change we need to understand who to trust. We also need to be able to trust ourselves. If we second guess all the time regarding how we parent then difficulties arise when changes occur. You need to have the capacity to trust yourself to navigate change, particularly as a parent. Some of us are pretty confident about our abilities and some of us aren’t. But the confidence is directly related to trust. It is being realistic about our confidence/trust; perhaps our confidence on particular matters is over stated and we should seek advice from others?

You might think that knowing who to trust and being able to trust ourselves is a no brainer however give some consideration to the process you have undergone to be at a place of confident trust: trust which leads to successful changes and good outcomes. If you would like further information on trust, and how it relates to change fitness or simply to discover what change fitness is and how it is crucial for successful change please visit TheChangeGym.com.au which provides online training and workout sessions to equip you for the changes ahead.

Next blog we will look at Motivation and how this is another capacity in Change Fitness.

By Stephanie Barlow

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