Things They Should Have Told Me … A Positive Spin

things the should have told me

We hear a lot about the hard times raising a child, so I thought I’d share some positive things to keep it all balanced. I’m sharing some things I wish I had known before having my first baby, knowing these things would have helped me cope a lot easier.

Things they should have told me:

You will get your husband back

I remember being upset because all my time was spent looking after a newborn and there was little time for my husband and I to relax together like we used to. The baby will however eventually go to bed at a reasonable hour and you can have some time out together.

You will sleep

Sure at the beginning sleep is minimal and broken, but sometimes you get a great night sleep and feel so good because you appreciate how nice it is to sleep. And eventually your baby will sleep longer and longer. You won’t be waking every 3 hours forever.

You will shower

It might not be when you wanted to shower, but you can make it happen. It’s all about timing and fitting it in to your new routine. Do it while your baby is happily playing or while baby having a morning nap.

You will cry from happiness

You are almost certain to cry when your baby is born or when someone special holds your baby for the first time and is also so in love with him or her. You will want to cry when your baby makes a milestone you have been waiting so long for, or when you realize just how lucky you are. These moments happen randomly and all of a sudden you are just so happy.

You will laugh

You will laugh at the silly things you do to amuse a child, you will laugh when you or your husband try reading a book to the baby and can’t pronounce the words correctly, you will laugh when the baby starts to walk because they look so damn cute but funny at the same time. You will laugh when they start to speak and come up with outrageous things. They will make you laugh and smile at so many things.

You can get your body back

You are likely going to need to work for this one, but it is possible. Take your time; don’t expect the kilos to drop off, especially not straight away. Learn to stop being so negative about yourself and take the time you need to regain a realistic figure you’re happy with. It can happen.

When you are having a bad day, or a bad moment, remember the good times and happy moments a child can bring. They are funny without trying to be, they are cute without knowing it, and their smiles are contagious.

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