Newborn Support

Cost: $55.00
4 Videos
  • Breastfeeding
  • Bathing and settling your newborn
  • Normal newborn behaviour for the first week of life
  • Immunisation choices and newborn tests
  • Emotions/postnatal depression

Are you wondering how to care for your newborn in the first few weeks?

Do you know how to prevent SIDS?

Do you know how to bath a baby?

If not then this is the package for you. We will help take away some of that anxiety as you embark on this amazing journey as parents. We will be your manual that you wish came with the baby when it was born!

On purchase of the classes you not only get the whole selection of videos you will also get private access to “Submit a Question to a Midwife”, where questions will be answered by experienced midwives online. If the question is one of which the midwife thinks other mothers may benefit from, it will be displayed on the “Frequently Asked Question” page in the members area.

You will have 6 months access to the videos in which you purchase, after that your subscription will expire.

This package ONLY covers postnatal topics. It should ONLY be purchased by itself if you have had a baby before and would like a refresher on breastfeeding or if you missed these classes in your traditional face-to-face antenatal classes at the hospital.