The Perfect Exercising Companion For The Pregnancy And The Postnatal Period

Just like Born Online, Mumafit evolved as a business because I wanted to provide women with access to quality resources without the hassle. Online programs and apps allows busy mums or mums-to-be access to professional information from the convenience of their own home and allows them to better navigate healthy living.

The Mumafit App was born alongside my third baby. Married to an exercise physiologist and having a degree in exercise science myself plus a life coaching diploma, I was inspired to share my healthy pregnancy and along the way educate and motivate others to stay healthy and active and enjoy better recoveries after birth.

I fast learned there was a big appetite for this, as I quickly gained followers and app downloads from around the world. The app provides women with safe exercise options for each trimester of pregnancy and a post natal program to ease them into their recovery.

The Mumafit App for IPhone and IPad features 65 exercise videos, beginner and advanced programs, pre and post natal stretching program, a gps ‘prameter’ to log and record all of your cardio workouts, an exercise diary and profile diary, holistic daily tips for each day of pregnancy and a whole lot of additional information in the tip sheets, including how to safely rehabilitate your pelvic floor and abdominals.

Pregnancy exercise can raise more questions than answers, so the mumafit blog regularly features posts that can dispel the myths and point pregnant women in the right direction.

Whilst women are commonly in a hurry to get back into shape after having a baby, my philosophy is focused on the whole health of the mother. With a strong emphasis on healing from the inside out, restoring core function and strength is always a priority. As is looking out for the emotional wellbeing of the mother.

Being a mum can be mighty tough at times, and it is simple to forget about your own needs as you focus on those of your new baby and other family members. We all understand the oxygen mask theory on aeroplanes, but are forgetting to apply this to our daily lives. Hence the growth of my life and wellness coaching where I work holistically with mothers to help them feel healthier and happier in the early years of their children’s lives.

All coaching is done over skype and it’s not uncommon for a baby to be at the breast or a toddler playing in the background – it’s a mums life! Coaching can include physical rehabilitation following birth, breastfeeding friendly cleanses and meal planning assistance, but most commonly we work on mindset. Things like prioritising self care, ditching ‘mothers guilt’, navigating this big adjustment in your life and creating a lifestyle that brings joy to the whole family.

My coaching is now also assisting women recover from birth trauma and miscarriage using powerful personally developed guided meditations. These traumatic events are too often brush under the carpet without actually processing the emotions in a way which allows us to move forward in a positive light.

The energetic vibe, health and happiness of a mother is of extreme importance. If mum is not coping, so many things can come undone. If mum is smiling, calm and full of positive energy, then the ripple effect on our next generation is magical.

I love helping to create the positive ripple.


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