When Should I Turn My Baby Around In The Car?



Wow, what a can of worms this question can open. Or so I have experienced anyway.

Before I had Stella my opinion or knowledge on this subject was very minimal. I suppose most first time mothers is as well. We are all on this massive ride learning as we go and hoping to God we get it right! I really hope this blog can help other mummas out there make a safe decision and even use this new found information to educate others!

Did you know (according to Kidsafe Australia) the main cause of death in Australia for children is injury? The highest (unintentional injury) being car crashes and driveway accidents.

Extended rearward facing has been practiced in Europe for many years now. Sweden has been practicing this for 50 years with all children up until 4 years of age rearward facing. Sweden has a near zero infant mortality rate when it comes to car crashes. UNBELIEVABLE!

America also practices extended rearward facing until 2 years of age as their Academy of Paediatrics states it is 75% safer on the child to be rearward facing until that age.

It is a touchy subject as currently in Australia the laws state that at 6 months babies can be turned around to forward facing as long as they meet the markers for that particular child seat for forward facing (if present). However, the evidence for extended (6months to 2-3 years) rearward facing is undeniably the safest option.

There are many reasons you will have or hear from other mothers as to why they will turn their child around at 6 months. Mostly I hear that the baby prefers this way. They are happier. I can’t comment on this as my baby is not particularly distressed rearward facing (she did used to hate the car however). I know that when your baby screams in the car it can be very distracting. Sometimes this in itself can be a risk and could increase your chance of having an accident. This why it is your choice as to when you turn your child.


I found this video very informative, you may as well.


Written by Alinta


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