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We have offered a BornOnline Mummies Facebook Group for our members for a few years now but unfortunately a lot of people never check their ‘junk mail’ and the email that has the link to join the group goes unnoticed. Our Facebook group therefore has minimal interaction and minimal women.


That’s all about to change!!!!


I have decided to open up our Mummies Group to all women who want a safe and encouraging area to voice questions or concerns that they may be having throughout pregnancy, leading up to your birth and after your baby is born.


The only downfall with our online antenatal classes is that you don’t ‘physically’ get to meet other women. Motherhood can be isolating, even more so for our beautiful mumma’s that live in the rural and remote places around Australia.

The BornOnline Midwives want to change this. We want to provide an open space for women to ask questions and not be judged. A space where women can meet like-minded women who are going through the same stage in life.


Another plus to this group is that Midwife Zoe is going to get out of her comfort zone and do regular Facebook Live videos on educational topics related to pregnancy, birth or your baby.


We will also share our blog articles within the group so you don’t miss any fresh information that we provide regularly to our blog page.


The ‘Ask a Midwife’ post that is regularly held on our BornOnline Facebook Page will now be held in this group. As a member of the BornOnline antenatal classes you have unlimited access to Midwife Zoe for any questions that may pop up. With the Facebook Group we will allocate a day through out the week that everyone within the group can ask any questions that they would like a Midwife opinion on. Midwife Zoe is happy to answer any questions you may. No question is off limits.


We know there are a lot of Facebook Mummy Groups however they don’t have the option of having a Midwife answer questions for you. Some questions should be answered by a professional and this group will give you that option.


We hope to see you within the group some time soon.


Click here to join.


Midwife Zoe


(This article contains general information only and is not intended to replace advice from a qualified health professional. All information is written from the experience and knowledge of the person writing the post).

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